Wildlife Survey at Perdiswell

Wildlife Survey at Perdiswell

Following previous wildlife surveys, we are carrying out another during Sunday 28th April at Perdiswell Park.

We will have the workboat, The Wanderer, which will be heading up from Lansdowne Park at around 10:30am and then mooring at Perdiswell.

Please join us during the day to help catalogue the wildlife in the area and help us getting a better picture of where wildlife is abundant and where it is lacking.

Download monitoring form.

Worcester Canal Wildlife Corridor

Over Easter we carried out a wildlife monitoring exercise along the canal from Sixways to Diglis.

Barbourne brook is part of the same wildlife corridor. So on 1st September we are asking people to visit Gheluvelt park and tell us what they see.

Details and a sample monitoring form are on the Worcester Canal Wildlife website.

Join in. No pressure, its a walk in the park.