Members of Worcester Canal Group and volunteers from St Paul’s Hostel spent the first three days of last week painting images commemorating the history of waterway on a section of the wooden boards bordering the former home of Worcester City FC, where 80 new homes are currently being built.


The group’s chairman Graham Fowler said he hoped the project would help make the canal a more pleasant area.

“There have been three incidents along the canal between Lansdowne Park and here over the last three months. We want to make it feel a bit more welcoming and safe. Given how many developments there are going to be along the canal it probably won’t be the last time we do this.”

Graham added that the paint had been donated by the Worcester Resource Exchange in Shrub Hill and developers Careys New Homes had helped by advising the group which piece of the hoarding would stay up the longest.

“The canal is a big part of the city’s identity. It’s an amazing piece of heritage because you’ve got the old football ground and there used to be the brickworks on the other side. It seems more part of the city than the River Severn.”