The canal during lockdown

What has the canal meant to you during lockdown?  It’s quieter, calmer, wildlife can be seen and heard.  Send us your pictures, impressions, thoughts, stories, poems….anything goes!  Maybe tell us about your favourite spot.  Let your imagination run wild.  We will use a selection of contributions to create a display of the results.

The canal as wildlife corridor

The canal is an important corridor for wildlife to travel from one place to another.  It supports many different species of insects, birds, amphibians, fish & mammals.  Help us to build a picture of the diversity of the canal.  Send us pictures of flowers, grasses, birds, insects and report sightings.  This will feed into a wider programme of continuing to enhance the wildlife corridors around Worcester and along the canal.

Please send your contributions to us via our contact page, Twitter or Facebook.

We will display what people send on our wildlife site here: