First draft of results

Note: This is a rough draft.  Only sightings of bird species have been included and no numbers of sightings of a species have been given. Also no distinction has yet been drawn between species seen on the canal and those seen in the parks and other areas adjacent to the canal. It is just a start.

For more detail see the Worcester Canal Wildlife site.

Tibberton to Offerton Country Park

Bird species seen:

Blackbird, common gull, crow, magpie, mallard, moorhen, robin, woodpigeon, blue tit, great tit, wren, rook, jackdaw, cornbunting, chaffinch, greenfinch, dove, bullfinch.

Offerton Country Park to Perdiswell Park

Bird species seen:

Blackbird, crow, black headed gull, chaffinch, dunnock, blue tit, great tit, house sparrow, jackdaw, greater black backed gull, magpie, moorhen, mute swan, robin, song thrush, woodpigeon, wren, buzzard

Perdiswell Park to Lansdowne Park

Bird species seen:

Blackbird, blue tit, crow, collared dove, dunnock, goldfinch, green finch, house sparrow, black backed gull, mallard, magpie, moorhen,, mute swan, robin, starling, song thrush, wood pigeon, wren, long tailed tit

Lansdowne Park to the Commandery

Moorhen, mallard, common gull, long tailed tit, wood pigeon, mute swan, blackbird, magpie, sparrow, wren, lesser black backed gull

The Commandery to Diglis Basin

There were ducks and two mute swans in the basin itself. However, only one bird (a crow) was seen in flight and no wildlife of any kind was seen passing along the canal in either direction. Nor was there any indication of nesting.