Every year Butterfly Conservation organises a national Big Butterfly Count. This year we decided to take part. True to form, after several days of glorious sunshine on the day we had arranged to meet it began to rain first thing in the morning and continued all day. It did the same two days later when we tried again. We finally managed to spend half an hour or so spotting butterflies on 1st August and the results have been included in the Butterfly Conservation figures.

Three of us, Julie Fowler, Peter Moorhouse and Graham Fowler looked around Plot 8 on Lansdowne Road allotments from 10 – 10.30 in the morning.

We saw:

  • Gatekeeper x5
  • Meadow Brown x5
  • Large White x8
  • Common Blue x1
  • Red Admiral x1

These results can be compared with those produced by Dan Daye in his garden about five minutes walk away from the canal.

  • Small white x10
  • Small blue x 1
  • Peacock x1