Thank you to all the people who helped organise the festival, and to those who volunteered before, during and after the first ever Worcester Canal Festival. Despite some less than ideal weather, most people considered the festival to be a success. Many members of the Worcester Canal Group were asked if we would be holding another festival next year! Future festivals are certainly a possibility, although holding one every year may be a bit too much for some of those involved this time round!

Please contact the Worcester Canal Group with your thoughts on the festival, both good and bad. The more information we have from people, the better any further festivals will be.

On a related matter, one of the auctioned items has not been collected. If you bought an item at the auction, but forgot to pick it up, please get in touch.

Also, there are some items that were left, such as jackets and umbrella, that we will keep hold of for a little longer. Please get in touch if you think you may have lost something (see pictures on our Facebook page).