Butterfly Count

Butterfly Count

Every year Butterfly Conservation organises a national Big Butterfly Count. This year we decided to take part. True to form, after several days of glorious sunshine on the day we had arranged to meet it began to rain first thing in the morning and continued all day. It did the same two days later when we tried again. We finally managed to spend half an hour or so spotting butterflies on 1st August and the results have been included in the Butterfly Conservation figures.

Three of us, Julie Fowler, Peter Moorhouse and Graham Fowler looked around Plot 8 on Lansdowne Road allotments from 10 – 10.30 in the morning.

We saw:

  • Gatekeeper x5
  • Meadow Brown x5
  • Large White x8
  • Common Blue x1
  • Red Admiral x1

These results can be compared with those produced by Dan Daye in his garden about five minutes walk away from the canal.

  • Small white x10
  • Small blue x 1
  • Peacock x1
Canal Group AGM

Canal Group AGM

Thanks to everyone who came along to our recent AGM. Thanks especially to Andy Graham from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, who gave a very interesting talk about the wildlife value of canals and how to improve habitat. I think we all learnt a lot!

Special thanks also to Dan Daye who after many years of helping the canal group, especially on the workboat, has had to step down from WCG due to other commitments.

The canal group has been running since 2013 and it is great that we are still going strong. We are always looking for more people to help out and get involved, so if you think you would like to do more then please get in touch.

The minutes from our meeting can be found here: Committee Meeting Minutes.

Our next meeting is not until 11th September. The next litter pick is on Saturday 29th June.

The planned festival in Lansdowne Park at the end of June has been downgraded a little and will now take place in the garden of The Chestnut Inn, 28th – 30th June.

Report from Wildlife Monitoring Weekend

Report from Wildlife Monitoring Weekend

This is the fourth wildlife survey the Worcester Canal Group has undertaken. In 2016 we concentrated on the mile long stretch of canal from the Marina to Bilford bottom lock.  A bat walk, a moth breakfast and a wildlife walk were included in that survey. In 2017 we used the CRT workboat the Wanderer to look at wildlife habitats along and adjoining the canal towpath. In 2018 we concentrated on Barbourne brook, especially where it runs through Gheluveldt Park. This year we have taken a closer look at Perdiswell. The Worcester Canal Group has recently adopted more of the canal and now covers Perdiswell.

These wildlife surveys are not purposeless. Nor are they searches for the unusual or spectacular.

The canal is a wildlife corridor. The experience of conservation work everywhere is that wildlife habitats which become isolated decline and fail.  In areas like cities a corridor which connects wildlife habitats is necessary if that wildlife is to spread and thrive.

Our wildlife corridor consists of more than just the canal and the towpath.

The canal is part of a six mile long circuit of water within the city of Worcester consisting of the canal, the River Severn and Barbourne brook. At the southern, Diglis, end the canal connects with the river, with Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve, with Chapter Meadows and with the countryside to the south and west. At the Six Ways end of the city it is linked to the countryside to the north and east. For much of its course through the city the canal runs very close to Barbourne brook which as a largely unrecognised wildlife habitat links the canal to the river Severn at Gheluveldt and on to the countryside to the north and west.

In the course of our surveys we have identified some twenty areas, some large and some small, which adjoin the canal and are wildlife habitats. Some are managed, many are not. These areas could be linked and enhanced.

Read the full report here.

Wildlife survey at Perdiswell

Wildlife survey at Perdiswell

Following previous wildlife surveys, we are carrying out another during Sunday 28th April at Perdiswell Park.

We will have the workboat, The Wanderer, which will be heading up from Lansdowne Park at around 10:30am and then mooring at Perdiswell.

Please join us during the day to help catalogue the wildlife in the area and help us getting a better picture of where wildlife is abundant and where it is lacking.

More details to follow, but if interested please put this date in your diary.

More information here.